When Love Is Not Enough

Tonight another alcoholic and I drove to Legacy at Lake Lanier Islands for AA Woodstock of the South and were delighted to see the Christmas light show on our way to the conference!

At the conference, we heard Bill & Bernadette B. of S.C. tell their alcoholic/alanon stories.  Bill told about the collection of interviews he did with Lois Wilson, whose story is told in this movie.

Bill said that Lois told him that Bill Wilson always felt like he was a failure at everything. Ha! Doesn’t God have a wonderful sense of humor?! I need to remember that next time I feel down on myself.

I had a bad drunk/relapse dream last night – I suspect as a result of my AA anniversary coming up in a few days – and had been feeling disconnected from my higher power today.  Bill B. said exactly what I needed to hear to bring me back:  Bill’s mother-in-law would annoy him when he was drinking – every time he came home drunk, she would be in the dining room with her rosary beads and prayer cards and bible.  One time he even yelled at her.  But then, after he got sober, she sat down beside him and said, “You know, when I read the bible and think about all the miracles God has performed, I’ve often wondered what it would be like to witness a miracle like that.”  Then she put her hand on his shoulder and said, “And now I have.”

Who knows what God has in store for this one of His many miracles!

Are you a miracle too?  Let me hear from you!!


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