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Sandy B.’s Prayer From An Ego

Sandy B. Alexandria 2007, Downloaded from

“This is what makes AA so wonderful because it forces us to have a life transforming experience that we never would have gone after voluntarily.  We were forced into heaven and outta hell.

Forced!  You know what I’m saying?  Do you know how lucky that is?

In order for any human being to get beyond themselves they have to go against their own ego.  They have to suddenly raise up a flag and go, “Why doesn’t somebody else make all the decisions for me?”  That’s a hard thing to give up: the final say on your own life.  That does not come up easily but that’s what total surrender is…

…and we feel better and we feel better and we are more grateful…for the sponsor for pushing us to this new level.

The problem is at this new level, things look different.  And the ego steps in.

And I’ll close with this.  It’s the prayer from an Ego.

Prayer From An Ego

“God, I’m here tonight to thank you for what you’ve done in my life.  You’ve taken a hopeless person, restored him to a place in society, restored him to his family, restored his dignity and his self-respect, his health – excitement in his life.

You and you alone have placed me in a position

Where I no longer need

Your sorry ass.

(But I am grateful.)”