2015 AA International Convention



When I got sober in 2009, I heard about AA’s International Convention coming to Atlanta in 2015 and thought, I wonder if I’ll stay sober that long.  I am grateful, blessed, and thoroughly excited to report that I am still sober and I have a ticket to the convention starting tonight!!

I will want to remember every moment, which is much easier to do these days now that I am sober.  I will try to write a little about the experience, but no promises as these days I have a BIG FAT LIFE!

God bless you all and see you in Atlanta!!

News stories from Atlanta:

AA convention adds to active July 4th weekend downtown 

AA Celebrates 80 Years Of Helping Alcoholics Stop Drinking

July 3, 2015

My husband and I traveled down to the city on Marta from our home north of Atlanta.  We arrived at the World Congress Center and were greeted by some excited volunteers who said, Hi!  You made it!  We’ve been waiting for you!, which I thought was cute.  Certainly they are aware of the alcoholic’s large ego!  The congress center is huge and sprawling.  There were so many people, but you are just going to have to trust me on that because it’s important that we don’t post pictures of peoples faces in order to protect their anonymity.



We followed the maze of people into a large – really large – room with long lines of folks picking up their badge holders.  Luckily, we managed to reach the end of the line before they closed and were able to pick up our packet, which included a Program of Events, an order form to purchase CDs of the convention meetings, a reminder to purchase a panoramic convention photo, and a bookmark listing all of the convention cities going back to 1950.

Next, we found the volunteer room, where my husband was happy to see some friends from his old home group.  We picked up our lime green volunteer shirts with the emblem you see above – pretty!  We will volunteer on Saturday before the big meeting as greeters.

By then, we were both ready to find some coffee and a smoking section.  We found both!  We also found an old sponsee of mine and had a great time catching up.  All along this journey we met people from Canada, Hawaii, Florida, Virginia, and some more places I have forgotten.  People were friendly and happy to be there.

I am really looking forward to today when the meetings start.  I’ve picked out three for every time slot and will have to decide on one!  After last night’s two-hour journey to get home on Marta, I’ve decided to sport tennis shoes today.  If you are out there, please say hello.  I’ll be wearing my turquoise “We are not saints” shirt!


July 4, 2015


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    60,000 pack the Georgia Dome for what might be the biggest AA meeting in history.

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