The spirit in me salutes the spirit in you!

God Bless,

A Recovering Drug Addict & Alcoholic writing under the handle “Whoopeeparty”

So our rule is not to avoid a place where there is drinking, if we have a legitimate reason for being there. That includes bars, nightclubs, dances, receptions, weddings, even plain ordinary whoopee parties. – Big Book page 101

Warning to those in recovery who would spend too much time in bars:

You will note that we made an important qualification. Therefore, ask yourself on each occasion, “Have I any good social, business, or personal reason for going to this place? Or am I expecting to steal a little vicarious pleasure from the atmosphere of such places?”


One response to “About

  1. I’m glad I found you and this blog! So rare I hear of fellow deadhead AND drug addict AND alcoholic AND current AA member AND woman that I can relate to and has a real grasp of the program as laid out in the big book. You aren’t just another slogan generator, which I appreciate.

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